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Steph Welch

Digital Media Designer and SEO Consultant based in West Sussex.

I love walking, photography and the West Sussex countryside. I also enjoy a good holiday and spending time with friends and family. This website is not only a portfolio of my work, from University and personal projects, but an expression of myself. I have designed and made this website as well as created a blog to share my travel experiences, photography trips and life experiences.

Lifestyle Blog - Sussex Countryside Walks
Spring Walks
Travel Blog - Greek Islands
Travel Blog - Spanish Islands
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Design Iterations
Website Design Sussex - Local Photography Website
Boorman Photography
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Travel Blogger - Antigua Family Holiday
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Travel Blogger - Spanish Islands


Girls holiday, cheap deal, good food, lots of wine, sun, sea and sand everywhere.

Lifestyle Blogger

Turning 25

April 17th 2017 marks the day I turn 25. Feeling quite old I reflect on life so far and look forward to a promising feuture.

Lifestyle Blogger - Walking Enthusiast

Spring Walks

Spring has spung and again I can appreciate the beauty of where I live in West Sussex.