Procida, Italy

Procida, Italy

Mid Uni break with Mum

In September 2015 Just before I began my final year of Uni, mum and I decided we need a break. We found a cheap deal on the little island of Procida, just of the coast of Naples. Usually when we go on holiday as a family we look for good deals but in places that are a bit out the way, we like to hear the local language, experience their culture and try their food. We are not so keen on the brits abroad type holidays, where everywhere caters to english food tastes. So this little island seemed ideal.

It was a pretty little island, quite quiet but busy with Italians whizzing around on their scooters. On the first night we walked to the local marina and found somewhere to eat, we soon realised that nothing was in english. This would have been fine, had I like all type of food. Unfortunately I do not like cheese and seafood in shells being in an Italian marina both of these ingredients where likely to be on the menu. I therefore had to stick with Spaghetti Pomodoro. This became my meal of choice for the entire holiday, as the majority of places we went spoke little english and we knew absolutely no Italian. In Spain I feel we would have got by having been a few times before and I studied it at GCSE level.

The holiday was made slightly worse by the mosquitos intense attraction to all parts of my body. I got eaten alive very soon after arriving. Not only was I covered in loads of bites but they were growers, not the little spot sized bites most people get but golf ball sized throbbing bastards. I was in so much pain walking around the island. Luckily we found a pharmacy and bought a bug off bracelet to try and prevent further feasting from the creatures and some bug bite relief pen, but it wasn’t quite enough and the remainder of my holiday was spent doing everything I could not to scratch.

I did manage to get a few nice pictures on the trip, We got to walk around Pompeii and I lost and awful lot of weight. Not the best holiday I have ever been on but it broke up my 3 year Uni stint.

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Chilli and Garlic Just Hanging Out Colourful View Man on a Boat Long Hot Walks Around the Island. Exploring Pompeii Shabby but Arty Colourful View Colourful View. Keeping Cool in the Shade of the Doorway Mum Posing Before Dinner These Little Vehicles Were Everywhere Mum