Grandma Helen's Cakes

Grandma Helen's Cakes

Delicious Cakes Bring Back Lovely Memories

There are many lovely memories I have of my Great Grandma Helen, her little flat in Three-Bridges, her laughter as she discovered the PlayStation Eye Toy for the first time and her love of seeing her entire family together. Every day I wear a lovely ring that reminds me of her and that helped me through University, especially the thought of how proud she would have been of my achievements. Another lovely memory I have of Grandma Helen is her delicious cakes.

I am not overly keen on puddings, the fancy sort, cheesecakes, trifles, etc. I love a bowl of ice cream, perhaps a fruit salad or some jelly. When it comes to cake I love the sponge but I'm not that fussed on icing and jam, so my Grandmas basic sponge cup cakes were my favourite. Luckily she left the recipe to my mum and recently I have been making large batches of them and indulging on them in my lunch breaks.

The very simple recipe is as follows.